Weight loss program in Macon


Obesity is a metabolic disorder that is genetically inherited. Obesity is manifest with two prominent features that distinguish those who are prone toward obesity from those who are not prone to obesity. The features are stress eating and food addiction. A tendency toward excessive eating during periods of stress is typical for those who have the genetic predisposition toward obesity. It is common for those who are stress eaters to recognize that they are eating when they are not hungry. Additionally, those who struggle with obesity have an element of food addiction. Food addiction results in indulging with comfort foods that satisfy an impulse again which is driven both by stress and pure addiction to certain foods. 

Our Program

  • Upon your first consultation we will draw labs (thyroid, complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel) and perform an EKG to evaluate your medical needs in order to determine what medication will work best for you.
  • Patients that are on weight loss medications will have an appointment every month at which time refills will be prescribed.
  •  Patients will be re-evaluated and have repeat labs every six months as well as a yearly EKG.
  •  We offer Lipovite shots (not covered by insurance)