Baby Formula Shortage; Protecting your Infant

Baby FormulaNearly 40% of well-known baby formula brands are sold out at retailers across the country, according to Datasembly. The White House is now scrambling to deal with the worsening baby formula shortage as a rising number of desperate parents plead for answers. Nationwide, parents are doing their best doing whatever it takes to feed their babies.

While the administration outlines a series of steps to addressing the crisis, doctors share advice and options to help parents get through the baby formula shortage. 

According to Dr. Victoria Regan of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Texas, the first step is to contact your infant’s pediatrician, especially if your baby requires a specialized formula. Your pediatrician may have formula samples in their office. 

It’s important to ask your healthcare provider about switching to an equivalent formula that would be appropriate for your child’s specific needs. Your doctor will guide you on making the transition easier while providing alternative options. 

Doctors warn parents from making their own formulas because infants have specific nutritional needs. Making your own formula can cause too much or too little nutrients. There is also potential for contaminating the homemade formula with toxins. Another thing not to do is trying to dilute formula with extra water to create additional supply. This can cause water intoxication and electrolyte imbalances.  

The government will announce steps to streamline the import of formulas from other nations next week. In the meanwhile, make sure to be in touch with your child’s primary doctor regarding what the best options are if your struggling to find formula.